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We Complete Families.

Your next family member is waiting on you. Interested in giving a doodle puppy a loving home? If so, you’re in the right place! 

Ready to adopt?

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz

Adoption Process

Ready to adopt but not sure how to? No worries, we’ll guide you through our adoption process.

Research the doodle breed’s vet, grooming and exercise needs. Once you’ve done that checkout our available puppies or future litters and put in an application.

Next, put down a deposit for a puppy. This ensures your place in our puppy program and let’s us know you are serious about adopting your new family member.

Finally, puppy picks! To help adopers choose a puppy, we go in order of deposits. Once your puppy is picked, you will get to watch your puppy grow and soon, take them home.

Jim Creek Promise

At Jim Creek Doodles, we promise you are getting a happy, healthy puppy from health tested parents. We create meaningful and long lasting relationships with adopters so that our puppies never end up in shelters or abandoned. We are dedicated to being transparent with our adopters and community about our breeding practices. We are honest and experienced breeders with a mission: to breed with high standards, health testings and lots of love.

We know our puppies are awesome but don’t just take it from us, listen to one of our happy adopters!

“I had a great experience when I got my puppy! He is such a happy and healthy pup and we had no problem with house/crate training. Anneliese has been very helpful in providing advise as my puppy grows, he is almost 5 months old now and thriving!”

– Happy Puppy Adopter

About Us

Meet Founder

Anneliese Bennett

started breeding in 2016. I started breeding because I felt I could complete families. We breed Golden Doodles, and Mini Doodles and in the future: Labradoodles and Saint Berdoodles.
I originally chose goldendoodles because I always wanted a golden retriever. Over the years I was looking for a dog that didn’t shed because I don’t like hair everywhere. That’s when I met my first goldendoodle. She was pretty, smart, and family orientated. The perfect dog for me, and so I bought my first goldendoodle. She has been everything I wanted. This is a family business. I started it, and will manage any dog we breed.
I truly believe that the dog that is meant for you will be with you. I’m not a pushy puppy seller. If a puppy is meant to be your companion than they will be.
Let me help you find your next family member.

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